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Name: Elaine Mallory
Class: Fun Old Lady Traveling Lady Lvl. 42
Type: Electric / Fairy
Ability: Child of Unbound Knowledge / Kindred Soul

Pokémon Bonded: 32

Abilities: Level 1 - Spiritual Energy Conversion - Aligned with Elaine's talent for reiki, this ability allows her to study and redirect a person or Pokemon's energy flow to a healthy and more natural state. She uses her own chi to do this, along with the art of massage, allowing her to temporarily remove pain induced by stress and fatigue, including headaches. This ability cannot heal broken bones or wounds inflicted in the flesh, but it can calm emotions and mental afflictions in many cases.

Level 30 - Mystic Veil - Though Elaine can't make herself entirely invisible, the veil makes it easy for the eye and mind to skip right over her, taking almost no notice of her presence. One might remark that a person is there, but calling up any descriptive details or being able to take more than a passing notice is extremely difficult to all but experienced spellcasters.

Escape Rope x 1
Repel x 2
Super Potion x 1
Hyper Potion x 1


Fulminaris - A low-level zap of electricity that has the potential to temporarily paralyze an enemy. (equivalent of Thunder Shock)

Aromatic Mist - A sweet-smelling gust of air sweeps over allies, raising their resistance to magic (special defense boost).
Crafty Shield - Protects self and allies with a field of energy that prevents status effects, but not actual attacks that deal damage/injury.
Invisibility Sphere - People and Pokemon within a 10 foot radius of Elaine's position are made invisible. The invisibility dispels immediately, however, as soon as someone within the sphere attacks. The sphere also does not dampen sound -- it merely affects whether or not they can be seen.
Steal Voice - The target's throat constricts, preventing sound-based attacks and spells with verbal components from being cast. Can be cured with healing magic, or screaming really really loud.

Umbral Weapon - Touching a melee weapon (or hand, paw, limb, etc.) temporarily imbues it with Dark type, and makes the strikes made with this weapon more damaging.

Roar of Time - The user blasts the target with power that distorts even time. The user must rest on the next turn.
Twister - The user whips up a vicious tornado to tear at the opposing team. It may also make targets flinch.

Low Sweep - The user attacks the target's legs swiftly, reducing the target's Speed stat.

Petal Blizzard - The user stirs up a violent petal blizzard and attacks everything around it.

Dig - The user burrows, then attacks on the second turn. It can also be used to exit dungeons.

Icicle Crash - The user attacks by harshly dropping an icicle onto the target. It may also make the target flinch.
Sheer Cold - The target is attacked with a blast of absolute-zero cold. The target instantly faints if it hits.

Alarm - A magical and invisible ward set up in a small area that immediately alerts the caster if a living creature breaches the ward's perimeter. Lasts 8 hours.
Detect Snares and Pits - Reveals natural or primitive traps.
Guard Split - The user employs its psychic power to average its Defense and Sp. Def stats with those of its target's.
Stumble Gap - A hole appears in the ground, approximately five feet in diameter and six inches deep. Any person or creature standing in that spot, or who moves into that spot, risks tripping and taking light damage. Doesn't affect very small or very large creatures.

Rock Throw - The user picks up and throws a small rock at the target to attack.

Muddy Water - The user attacks by shooting muddy water at the opposing team. It may also lower the targets' accuracy.


Trubbish - Raisin
Clefairy - Annalise
Pancham - Betty
Scraggy - Pantston
Misdreavus - Missy
Ralts - Galahad
Ponyta - Cimarron
Mienfoo - Chop Suzie
Kricketune - Ehron
Cubchoo - Barry
Anorith - Ketchup
Beedrill - Gordon
Pineco - Saul
Spinarak - Charlotte
Shuppet - Kermy
Dwebble - Balboa
Pidgey - Barney
Lileep - Mr. Peepers
Spearow - Fieri
Klefki - Rhyme
Jigglypuff - Puffkira
Ledyba - Dotty
Deerling - Yao
Metapod - Mathias
Meowth - Purr-Tech
Grumpig - Lenny
Cubone - Georgia
Camerupt - Cloud
Diggersby - Pitt
Dugtrio - Butter
Magnemite - Charmie
Skiddo - Aileen
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Name: Faetan
Contact Information: [ profile] faetan, RainaMoonsinger via AIM
Time Zone: PST
Characters Played: N/A

Character Name: Elaine Mallory
Character Canon: The Dresden Files


AU History: In a society ruled by martial law, like Sanctuary, orphans weren't exactly rare. Elaine was one such orphan, with no memory of the parents who gave her life, or of any existing family members. She lived at the orphanage, a sullen and unhappy child, whose faith in humanity as a whole diminished rapidly with each passing adoption day that left her alone. She began sneaking out, suffering from a need to stretch her legs and see the life of the city outside of the orphanage walls. In doing so, she chanced upon a Trubbish huddled in the piles of garbage outside a dirty cafe. She gave it some of the dried fruit she'd been carrying in her pockets, which it accepted happily, and it began to follow her around on her magical child adventures. She found that she had a spark of magic in her soul, and practiced in secret with her Trubbish there to observe and cheer her on in its own Trubbishy way. The orphanage wouldn't allow her to keep the Pokemon, so she snuck out frequently to feed it, play with it, and practice her magic. Then one wonderful day, at the age of ten she was adopted by a powerful mage. She asked him if she could bring her Trubbish with her, but the mage refused. He told her it was time to grow up and cut ties with a garbage (literally) Pokemon, and that if she truly wanted to live with him in his house, she needed to leave it behind with the threat that he would send her back to the orphanage if he caught her feeding it as she'd done before. Young and desperate, she felt she had no choice but to obey and said goodbye to her Pokemon before turning her back on it.

Around the same time, this mage also adopted Harry Dresden, a boy Elaine's age who also seemed gifted with magic. She was leery of him for a long time, seeing him more as competition for the mage's attention and favor than anything, so she largely ignored him in the beginning save for taking the occasional opportunity to try and show him up during their lessons.

While running an errand around the age of twelve, Elaine stumbled across the Trubbish she'd left behind, being driven away from the grocery store's dumpsters and beaten with a broom. She felt a sharp pang of guilt, and despite the risks involved, she decided to renew her relationship with it in secret. She couldn't sneak it into the mage's home, certainly, but she took up every possible errand that could possibly be run in order to plot ways for her to find the Trubbish and feed it. All seemed to be going well, until a year later, Harry stumbled across the two of them. Fearing that Harry would betray her to the mage, Elaine promptly charged and tackled her rival, wrestling him in an attempt to intimidate him into silence. But to her surprise, he told her he had no intentions of turning her in. When she saw that he'd kept his word, and even went to feed the Trubbish when she couldn't, the first bud of friendship was formed between them, and Elaine soon forgot her rivalry.

The mage's harsh lessons became easier to bear when she could discuss tactics and methods with Harry instead of plotting against him, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day. It turned to love as soon as teenage hormones came into play, and the two found multiple excuses to be together. They were each other's first loves, first kisses, first...well. First lots of things.

But as Harry's story didn't have a happy ending, neither did Elaine's. The mage that had attempted to make homunculi out of them nearly managed to do so with Elaine. He broke down her will and mental fortitude first, using her to lure Harry in shortly after. Harry nuked the building and the mage too, and Elaine was presumed dead. In truth, she barely survived, and escaped from the building with heavy injuries. The Trubbish found her, scarcely able to move, and brought her food scraps that it had rummaged out of trash bins. With its help, she was able to regain her strength and sneak out of the city. She was driven by fear and guilt, unsure if the mage was still alive or not, but heavily suspecting that he was. Under his control, she'd been made to betray Harry, and she was sure he resented her for the part she'd played in his near-capture.

For days she moved through the wilderness, scrounging summer berries from bushes wherever they could be found. In her wandering, she came across a small and hidden settlement of fairy-type Pokemon, populated mostly by Cleffas and Clefairies. Through an elaborate display of pantomimes, the Clefairies informed the teenage magician that she was welcome to live with them, but the Trubbish could not -- it was a Poison-type Pokemon, which Fairy-types could not abide. Again, Elaine was faced with a tough choice, but the decision came more easily this time: she wouldn't abandon her friend, who'd stuck with her and exhibited patience and unconditional love when she'd showed concern only for her self-preservation.

As she turned her back on the village, the Clefairies chased after them, and through more pantomimes, they told her it had been a test to see if she could care for other Pokemon as she would for herself. The Trubbish was admitted as well, and Elaine had a true home at last.

Over the years, the little community began to swell. Most of its residents remained Fairy-types, but the occasional stray or injured Pokemon would find its way there too. Elaine grew to love Pokemon, seeing as they treated her so much better than any human ever had. She became devoted to their welfare and protection, and a deep bond formed between them that couldn't be shaken. Elaine learned the art of reiki, smoothing out their troubled energies joined with her own, and became a gifted masseuse. She still practiced her magic, but only in the fairy village away from the eyes of humans. Though primarily divorced from humanity as a whole, Elaine nonetheless occasionally traveled to other nearby villages where she plied her trade as a masseuse for humans and Pokemon alike, using her earnings to buy food and supplies as needed for the Pokemon settlement. Their numbers swelled under Elaine's guardianship, and she worked tirelessly to ensure their needs were met.

Occasionally she caught word of Harry's continued exploits in Sanctuary, but she made no efforts to contact him, thinking he wouldn't want to see her again.

Canon Personality: In the books, Elaine first appears to Harry asking for his help. She begins more concerned with her self-preservation than anything, a deep flaw ingrained into her psyche after being enthralled by Justin. Whereas Harry found a mentor in McCoy, Elaine had no one to turn to after the events of their teenage years. She was given sanctuary in the Summer Courts of the Nevernever, but gifts from fairies never come without a price, so there was no real warmth or affection there either, even if Elaine was treated with every accordance granted to a guest. Because of this, Elaine has been hardened with a primary goal of survival and self-preservation. She had to fight hard to stay alive and safe, and if she thought there was any true danger posed to her, she would run. She certainly intended to escape once it became clear that the Winter and Summer courts would wage war in Chicago, fully planning to abandon the city so she could leave with her own life. She was driven by fear, and had nothing to anchor her emotional investment.

Harry, however, convinced her to stay and help. He was likely the only one who could have done so, given their old ties to one another. His stubborn altruism not only impressed her, it served as an example of what kind of life she could choose to live if she was willing to fight for it. Though she isn't the reckless and impulsive heroic do-gooder that Harry is, Elaine's moral compass largely points to 'good.' The major difference between them is that Elaine is more careful and thoughtful in her choices, exercising caution whereas Harry is the type who wouldn't think twice about helping someone in need, even if it's to his detriment.

Elaine is more strategic. She's cunning and intelligent, as well as keenly observant. She deliberately underplayed her talents to Warden Ramirez in order to avoid the White Council's attentions. She also devised a plan to "betray" Harry in order to appease the Summer Lady, and set up a trap that he could easily escape in order to appear loyal to her fairy benefactors and save Harry's life. Harry says at one point that she's nearly as strong as he is, but exercises her magic with more control and finesse.

Elegant as her magic may be, she's still a force to be reckoned with once she's pushed into a situation that demands a fight. When Harry breaks her free from a mental attack from one of the Skavis, Elaine blasts the vampire through the wall, wraps her naked self up in a shower curtain, and promptly kicks its ass despite heavy bleeding from her slashed wrists. Elaine can be fierce, and more than competent, with a complimentary mix of talent and brains.

Where Elaine was once motivated solely by self-preservation, Harry's influence imbued her with a desire to follow in his footsteps and protect others unable to protect themselves. She started up her own detective agency on the west coast, and took to shielding young and unpracticed witches once they started being targeted for murder. She took on an almost matronly position in their number, and took it hard when one of those under her protection was murdered. She's come a long way from her first appearance, and has learned to care more for others than herself.

When interacting with others, Elaine's empathy and warm nature is obvious. She's not a recluse by nature and seems to genuinely like being around other people. Her mannerisms are casual and comfortable, and she seems able to connect well with individuals in her day to day interactions. Her skill with reiki seems to indicate as much too, as she can read the stress and anxiety lingering inside of people as well as their physical discomfort, and dismiss most (if not all) of it with her compassionate touch. Elaine has a gentle soul, and frequently exhibits kindness and warmth particularly to those under her protection.

She's also playful and good humored. Smiles come easily to Elaine's face, and she has a sharp enough wit to keep up with Harry and exchange a few good-natured jabs of her own. Even when his enormous dog tackles her while she's under a veil, she takes it well, petting the dog and laughing while asking to know how he'd realized she'd been there. She tends to dress in comfortable clothing, favoring jeans and t-shirts, lending her a sort of everlasting girl-next-door quality.

Elaine is frequently described as long-limbed and 'coltish,' indicating her good health and athleticism. While not on par with Murphy, Elaine is in good shape, and seems interested in taking good care of herself while not going to beauty extremes.

AU Deviation: Where Elaine was originally isolated from humanity in the Nevernever, in this AU, the fairies were actually pretty nice to her and didn't try to manipulate or use her. It led to her getting emotionally attached to Pokemon, favoring them slightly over humans. She's not a human-hater by any stretch, but it's clear which side she'd choose if they had to throw down. In the books, Harry is Elaine's primary reason for putting aside her selfishness. Here, it's the kindness shown to her by the Trubbish and the fairies. Elaine is still a little gun-shy about large civilization in this place, where she slipped right into the cities with no problem in the books, because she still isn't sure if their mage mentor is truly dead, or merely in hiding. After all, she survived, and he was a stronger magician than she was. It'll take her a little longer to fully integrate with human civilization, though she's already well-acquainted with the smaller villages and societies in the region where she lives.

Canon Abilities: Magic - Like Harry, Elaine is not only able to wield magic, but is regarded as gifted as well. It was implied that her time of birth makes her a Starborn, like Harry, which makes her able to potentially wield power over Outsiders (though what this entails is never specifically stated...yet). She seems to favor electricity and wind magic, and is capable of communicating telepathically with Harry. She has a knack for creating "veils" - spells designed to make the human eye disregard her presence with few remembered details. She can weave protective wards and magical traps, as well as disable the ones set by other wizards.

Reiki - A sort of mix of massage therapy and energy realignment. Elaine uses this ability to massage away Harry's aches and pains, driving off his pounding headache for a prolonged period of time. Her touch is soothing and relaxing, bringing peace and healing to those she treats.

Summer Court Emissary - The time she spent with the fairies have enabled her to access passage to the Nevernever, allowing her to travel freely between this realm and Earth.

Enlightened Abilities: Elaine's two Pokemon types are Electric and Fairy. Electric is chosen because of the way her magic seems to favor this element, as well as the underlying current of magic energy that she seems able to shape and direct through the living. Fairy is chosen because of her close ties to the Fairy-type Pokemon community, as well as her own playful and high-spirited nature.

The trainer abilities that Elaine has picked up are as follows:

♥ Child of Knowledge Unbound: Pretty typical for those who grew up in Sanctuary, and fitting with her canon as a talented spellcaster. Her three at-will moves and beginning spells are listed below.
At-Will Abilities
Level 1 - Spiritual Energy Conversion - Aligned with Elaine's talent for reiki, this ability allows her to study and redirect a person or Pokemon's energy flow to a healthy and more natural state. She uses her own chi to do this, along with the art of massage, allowing her to temporarily remove pain induced by stress and fatigue, including headaches. This ability cannot heal broken bones or wounds inflicted in the flesh, but it can calm emotions and mental afflictions in many cases.
Level 30 - Mystic Veil - Though Elaine can't make herself entirely invisible, the veil makes it easy for the eye and mind to skip right over her, taking almost no notice of her presence. One might remark that a person is there, but calling up any descriptive details or being able to take more than a passing notice is extremely difficult to all but experienced spellcasters.
Level 55 - Samanyana - This spell removes status effects and unravels tricky spells and enchantments from trainers and Pokemon, unbinding them from any means that isn't strictly physical in nature (i.e. spells, abilities, etc.)

Fulminaris - A low-level zap of electricity that has the potential to temporarily paralyze an enemy. (equivalent of Thunder Shock)
Crafty Shield - Protects self and allies with a field of energy that prevents status effects, but not actual attacks that deal damage/injury.
Aromatic Mist - A sweet-smelling gust of air sweeps over allies, raising their resistance to magic (special defense boost).

♥ Kindred Soul: Because of Elaine's many years spent living among other Pokemon, she's learned to better communicate and empathize with them. She sees Pokemon as friends and companions, just as she does people, rather than pets to be tamed or summoned into battle. Any who fight at Elaine's side do so of their own choice.

Enhanced Item
Electric Chain - A chain that Elaine wears like a belt, capable of storing electricity obtained from generated electricity, lightning, or electric-attacks. This electricity can be deployed upon contact at Elaine's discretion, functioning much like a taser.

Starter Pokémon:
A Trubbish named Raisin (LOOK she named it when she was eight okay!)
A Cleffa named Annalise

Notes/Special Considerations: Should the plot point of Harry and Elaine's mentor ever be explored, Elaine may still have an exploitable weakness that can be used to enthrall her once again. If this is the case, she wouldn't know about it, but those with particularly strong talents in manipulating minds could take advantage of it and work her to their will. Additionally, I would love it if there were a small plot to have something threaten the little village she loves, so if there's a mod plot in the works that suits the occasion, feel free to take liberties! Otherwise I'll probably wait until I've settled and adjusted before submitting a player plot, since I don't mind running something like that at all.


First-Person: [OOC: Just a sample; I know the Yveltal egg thing is a no go, but I still like the sample it inspired. FYI!]

[The feed is grainy, and the visage of a woman's face is obscured with heavy static snow. Whoever it is must be broadcasting just on the brink of a broadcast tower's range. There's a little movement, an arm or a hand perhaps, and the distorted image takes on more clarity. Green eyes, slim arched brows furrowed in concentration, and a generous mouth pursed into a tight line.]

[Finally the view of her face snaps into focus, and she sits back a little, gaze flicking back and forth to evaluate the results of her electronic fiddling. She seems satisfied, and the crease in her brow fades.]

My name is Elaine. Most of you don't know me, since I haven't made my home in any of the cities you'll find on the map. If you get this message, I'm asking for your help.

[The corners of her mouth move slightly, as if she's trying to muster up a smile, but it doesn't come.]

There is a blight slowly spreading across the land, and it's beginning to encroach on a Pokemon sanctuary. I've tried to stave it off, but I don't have the strength or knowledge to do this alone. That's where you come in.

[She takes a small breath, shifting her stance and leaning forward.]

If you have the technology to protect a natural habitat from toxins, contact me immediately. I can't promise much of a reward, but I don't forget a favor.

Third-Person: With sundown, the stifling summer heat was softened by cool evening breezes. It was the time of day that Elaine enjoyed the most, and the fading rays of the sun lit the gold highlights of her wheat brown hair. Her jeans and sandals bore dusty patches from the long journey down the winding road, as did the lower edge and cuffs of the flannel tied around her waist. Her long hair was loosely pinned up in a (French?) twist, a few loose strands trailing down the nape of her neck and brushing the high cheekbones of her angular face.

Traveling through nature never failed to put her in a good mood. The wide open plains, the steep trails winding through the mountains, the fresh smells of a rain-dappled forest... These were all things she'd come to love far more than the constricting streets of the cities stuffed with people. Union had a better atmosphere than Sanctuary, she'd give it that, but it still wasn't the sort of place she could comfortably call 'home.' Here? She was free, and she reveled in that freedom. It was exemplified in the loose swing of her sun-browned arms, and the loping pace of her slim legs.

Eventually she would need to reconnect with her own kind. Eventually. For now, she was content to live as she pleased, for it made her happy in a way that city life never had.

Elaine made for a pleasant enough travel companion. Her manner was easy and free, her smiles were frequent and natural, and it was clear to those who traveled with her that she possessed a fairly sharp wit to boot.

Uncapping her water bottle, she tipped her head back and took several deep swallows before dribbling a little on her hands before rubbing them briskly together. The long journey seemed to have left dust even in the most unlikely of places, and she was looking forward to reaching Refuge to treat herself to a long soak in the bath.

And then there were Zubats.

The first swooped low, clipping the crown of Elaine's hair with its wing. Her head jerked forward as her jaw dropped in silent surprise. She barely had a chance to look back and see what hit her before another swooped in. Elaine ducked, instinctively covering her head, and before she knew it, she and her travel companion were racing for the caves for shelter.

Once they were safe, Elaine's back dragged against the stony wall as she slid to sit, laughing breathlessly as she stretcher her long, coltish legs in front of her. "Correct me if I'm wrong," she smiled, green eyes twinkling in the dim light, "but don't Zubats typically make their homes in a cave?" If so, this wasn't going to be the best place in the world to avoid them. Still, it was cool and quiet, and a pleasant respite for the time being. She had no objections to setting up camp here for the night, as she'd never needed fancy or luxurious accomodations to settle in for sleep.


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